Founded in 1985, Shanghai Huaxin musical instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest electronic musical instrument manufacturing enterprises in China.Under the leadership of Mr. Lin Bolong, the founder and current chairman of Huaxin musical instrument, and with the joint efforts of several generations, we have overcome various difficulties and overcome various technical difficulties. We have developed from a small state-owned factory to an international electronic instrument R & D and manufacturing enterprise with advanced technology and productivity.

In the past 30 years, the high-quality electronic musical instrument products manufactured by Huaxin. It has entered tens of thousands of primary and secondary schools and families. Huaxin was awarded the honors of "national high-quality products", "national user satisfaction products", "Shanghai famous brand products", "Shanghai famous brand", etc. Huaxin made the first digital piano in China.

Now, Huaxin has complete production system, it has two factories in Shanghai, it covers injection, tooling, painting, assembling. The main product includes digital pianos, electronic drum and Midikeyboard.

At the same time, Huaxin musical instrument has actively cooperated with many famous musical instrument enterprises, such as Samson, Suzuki and Guitar Center in USA, thomann in Germany, viscount in Italy, and Roland in Japan etc, in terms of technology and business, and has sold its products all over the world.


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